Factory 4.0 IIoT Technology TileConnect for more productivity

WorximityProductivity losses are common in the industrial sector. To overcome this problem, Mecotec, through a partnership with Worximity, a Canadian company specializing in IIoT(the Internet of Industrial Things) offers you factory 4.0 technology: IIoT TileConnect!


  • Improve the productivity of your production lines
  • Follow the data collected in real time
  • Detailed analytical reports
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The IIoT TileConnect in pictures

Below discover the TileConnect technology in pictures:

Boost your productivity with IIoT TileConnect

TileConnect technology was developed to allow manufacturers to detect any problems present on their production lines. Then it is easier for them to solve them and thus reach their full potential.

The IIoT TileConnect is a tool for promoting interaction between the Internet and the production chain. In combination with TileBoards dashboards monitor the progress of your products on your production lines in real time.

This technology allows you:

  • Information gathering: thanks to several TileConnect smart sensors connected directly to your production lines and various devices, collect a lot of production
  • Real-time monitoring: thanks to TileBoards dashboard accessible from computers, tablets smartphones or even certain televisions, follow in real time the data collected by TileConnect tools
  • Data hosting via a Cloud
  • Reporting: you can obtain detailed analytical reports on the data collected, and thus fully exploit the capabilities of TileConnect tools. Help you make the right decisions about your production process
  • Continuous improvement thanks to a high-performance software integrated with TileConnect technologies. The tool is constantly learning and evolving helping you to continually improve your productivity
  • Connecting your plant’s scales and ERP to TileConnect for even more monitoring and efficiency

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