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Mecotec is a service provider company specializing in the mapping of equipment and production rooms in Wallonia, Brussels and the north of France. Our teams are responsible for mapping your production equipment to verify that the temperature and humidity values, therefore, are correct and do not risk damaging the products.

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Temperature and humidity mapping

Mecotec offers you its mapping services and provides you with operational verification of the operation of the production equipment for the following:

  • Independent thermostatic chambers: incubators (including egg incubators, CO² incubators for the development of cultures, tissues or cells, etc.), incubators for laboratory products, water baths, fridges and freezers for samples (for the medium hospital or for pharmaceutical laboratories), honeycomb heating blocks, dry baths for microtubes, etc.
  • Storage rooms with led temperatures and humidity (to be done twice a year, once in the summer and once in the winter): mainly for pharmaceutical products to be stored in cold rooms and storage halls.This also concerns the stockage of foodstuffs to meet the International Featured Standard / British Retail Consortium (IFS / BRC), standards and more specifically the IFS Food.
  • Sterilization systems: ovens, sterilization or decontamination autoclaves to achieve microbiological sterility thanks to water vapor (mainly for the pharmaceutical and medical sectors), tanks, connections, etc.
  • Water loops: Purified Water (PW) and Water For Injection (WFI) during thermal sanitization or investigations
  • Freeze-dryers ;
  • Decontamination systems: autoclaves and decontamination stations (verification of the temperatures to be reached to eliminate the biological agent) to sterilize and pasteurize liquid foodstuffs for the agri-food and biopharmaceutical sectors.

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